Our Latest Products

If you're used to microwave cooking then you're probably used to the compromises that it brings. Our innovative range of microwave cookware by MICO with Heatwave technology let's you have perfect snacks in a fraction of the time, letting you make more of your microwave.

MICO Toastie

Sandwiched between the cool-touch silicone outer are metal plates with added HeatWave Technology. This converts the microwaves into conventional grill cooking, meaning your microwave can now beautifully toast your sandwich.

MICO Potato

With MICO Potato, you can achieve an oven-cooked taste in just 18 minutes in your microwave. The HeatWave Technology is able to use microwaves to simultaneously cook inside to perfection and crisp up the outside.


MICO Egg is the solution to beautifully microwaved eggs with runny yolks in a fraction of the time. The new HeatWave Technology is able to use microwaves to poach or fry eggs in minutes.