Transforming Snacking with Mico Toastie

Ross Eaves – Design Engineer

“The principle behind the Mico collection is to transform what your microwave can do and improve the quick snack or meal experience. We looked at what meal options we could reinvent thanks to Heatwave Technology, and explored using it to create a toasted effect. If we could use it to create a crispy, toasted exterior on bread then we could use it to reinvent the legendary toasted sandwich!

We developed a product that created the same effect as using a traditional toasted sandwich machine – a gooey melting inside and a golden brown toasted crust – but without the need for a clunky, difficult to clean machine that takes up valuable real estate in the kitchen cupboard.

Mico Toastie features a compact design and is much easier to use. The silicone casing surrounds two ridged metal plates designed to give your toastie the iconic dual-triangle shape – simply layer up your bread and filling ingredients, clip it shut, and cook in the microwave for around 5 minutes to create the ultimate indulgent lazy lunch. My personal favourite is cheese and salami!”

Vicki Grant – Marketing

“At Glasshouse we’re passionate about creating innovative products that make consumer’s lives better and easier when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Part of the process of developing Mico Toastie was thinking through ways we could use it to make cooking a quick, high quality, warm meal on the go a reality.

Thanks to the clever design the team have created, the Mico Toastie can be used to transport all the ingredients you need to make a delicious toasted sandwich with you for when you get to work. You can simply layer them up, clip the silicone coated layers together and store them safely until you’re ready to pop it straight into a microwave to cook.

If you’re often in a hurry, this is a great solution for transforming your boring lunch routine. Not only is it quick to cook with Mico Toastie, it’s also quick and easy to clean. The cooking plates are easy to wipe clean and the whole thing is dishwasher friendly. Win, win!”

Mico Potato Key Features

  • Cook a high quality toasted sandwich in around 5 minutes – twice as fast as a sandwich toaster
  • Innovative Heatwave Technology mimics the grilling process
  • Silicone exterior with cool-touch handles
  • Simple to dismantle and dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to transport for a healthy, quick meal
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