Engineering Microwaved Egg Perfection

Annaliese Curtis - Marketing

“Part of the process of developing new products at Glasshouse is considering consumer trends and then working towards solutions to meet consumer’s needs and improve the product offering in that area. The recent trend for higher protein diets has got more and people eating eggs; avocado on toast now isn’t complete without an egg on top! What the Mico Egg product allows us to do is to offer a cooking solution for egg lovers that creates perfectly cooked eggs in a quick, hassle-free way.

Unlike other microwave egg cooking accessories such as poachers, with Mico Egg you can either fry or poach eggs that taste great and still have a gloriously runny yolk. Thanks to Heatwave Technology, the eggs cook from the outside in, so you can easily create Instagram worthy eggs in no time!”

Sam Carr – Design Engineer

“At some point, we’ve all had to deal with cleaning up after cooking eggs. The combination of fats and proteins in the egg makes them particularly hard to clean, especially when dried on! One of the things we wanted to address with Mico Egg was the messy clean-up process, so it was important to create a hassle-free solution.

The final design for Mico Egg features non-stick metal plates encased within cool-touch silicon. The whole thing is easy to dismantle and can all be popped straight into the dishwasher, making scrubbing dirty frying pans a thing of the past.”

Mico Egg Key Features

  • Cook poached or fried eggs with runny yolks 3.5x faster than traditional (pan) methods
  • Innovative Heatwave Technology cooks from the outside in for perfect eggs every time
  • Silicone exterior with cool-touch handles
  • Non-stick and dishwasher friendly
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