Developing Mico Potato

Glyn Hauser – Lead Designer

“When we developed Heatwave Technology here at Glasshouse, one of the first applications we wanted to test was using it to cook a jacket potato. We all love the comforting taste of a fluffy jacket complete with perfectly crisp skin, but we don’t always have the time to wait for it to cook in an ordinary oven. Would using Heatwave Technology allow us to create that same, baked-to-perfection experience?

We tested a number of different designs and eventually Mico Potato was born allowing you to achieve a perfectly baked potato in just 18 minutes, compared to about an hour in a conventional oven.

We found that the way the Heatwave technology works is particularly suited to the baked potato because as we can replicate the conditions found within an oven, we can recreate the crispy outside and fluffy middle that makes a perfect jacket so enjoyable. First the inside of the potato is cooked using Mico Potato without the lid, then once the lid gets added, the normal microwave cooking process is reversed and the potato is cooked from the outside in, creating a satisfying crispy exterior.”

Annaliese Curtis – Marketing

“During the development process here at Glasshouse, one of the key things we wanted to address was the issues people have when using a microwave – although a microwave can offer speed and convenience, often the results are disappointing. We wanted to put an end to soggy, shrivelled potatoes and get people excited to reconsider a tasty baked potato for a quick and healthy meal.

The great thing about Mico Potato is that it allows you to enjoy that oven-baked-at-home experience anywhere you can access a microwave, such as at work or in halls of residence if you’re a student. Mico Potato is affordable, easy to handle, store and clean and will revolutionise your lunch routine!

Customer insight was a big part of developing Mico Potato, so we made sure it featured things like cool touch silicone handles and that it was dishwasher friendly so it’s suitable for a wide range of people to use, from busy mums to office workers. Anyone who loves baked potatoes will love the Mico Potato!”

Mico Potato Key Features

  • Cook an oven-baked quality jacket potato in as little as 18 minutes, 3x faster than an oven, but just as good a taste!
  • Innovative Heatwave Technology mimics the oven environment
  • Silicone exterior with cool-touch handles
  • Simple to dismantle and dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to store at home or at work for a healthy, quick meal
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