“Part of the process of developing new products at Glasshouse is considering consumer trends and then working towards solutions to meet consumer’s needs and improve the product offering in that area. The recent trend for higher protein diets has got more and people eating eggs; avocado on toast now isn’t complete without an egg on top! What the Mico Egg product allows us to do is to offer a cooking solution for egg lovers that creates perfectly cooked eggs in a quick, hassle-free way.

Unlike other microwave egg cooking accessories such as poachers...

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“The principle behind the Mico collection is to transform what your microwave can do and improve the quick snack or meal experience. We looked at what meal options we could reinvent thanks to Heatwave Technology, and explored using it to create a toasted effect. If we could use it to create a crispy, toasted exterior on bread then we could use it to reinvent the legendary toasted sandwich!

We developed a product that created the same effect as using a traditional toasted sandwich machine...

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“When we developed Heatwave Technology here at Glasshouse, one of the first applications we wanted to test was using it to cook a jacket potato. We all love the comforting taste of a fluffy jacket complete with perfectly crisp skin, but we don’t always have the time to wait for it to cook in an ordinary oven. Would using Heatwave Technology allow us to create that same, baked-to-perfection experience?

We tested a number of different designs and eventually Mico Potato was born allowing you to achieve a perfectly baked potato...

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Why Indiegogo

We have some amazing ideas, but only the really special ones make it. An idea can only be successful if you, the consumer, believe in it as much as we do. That’s why we are launching via Indiegogo, after all the best way to find out if our product solutions are what consumers want, is to give you the chance to buy them, before we make hundreds of thousands of them.

Indiegogo, is a crowdfunding platform that empowers people to raise funds for the things that matter to them, and in turn allows backers to help fund ideas they'd like to be a part of helping bring to life. The nature of crowdfunding is such that campaigns on Indiegogo are raising funds for work-in-progress projects, ideas, or causes, prior to an idea launching.